"Dâmaso had stated categorically that 'she must be a princess' and that idea made her feel infinitely distant from the young man, as if she were lost in some glorious long ago, with all the haughty pride of an historic family and the inaccessibility of queens. What had her past life been? What would her voice be like? What feelings did she have? Had she ever been in love? With whom? He could only imagine her lavishly dressed, striking stately poses; he could not even think of her in a bedroom, wearing a simple white nightgown; she belonged in high-ceilinged, damasked salons hung with standards, where phalanxes of pages bowed as she passed.
What was she doing there, then, in a box at the Teatro da Trindade, with an ugly paid companion? Would she have the candour of a poetic soul? Could she love just anyone? What form would her love take? What delicate gestures would she make when she gave herself to a lover, what fine words would she utter? Surely she would inspire a fanatical, almost religious devotion. Who could possibly ever possess such a creature?"

13th November 2013

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A study on masculinity and aggression from the University of South Florida found that innocuous – yet feminine – tasks could produce profound anxiety in men. As part of the study, a group of men were asked to perform a stereotypically feminine act – braiding hair in this case - while a control group braided rope. Following the act, the men were given the option to either solve a puzzle or punch a heavy bag. Not surprisingly, the men who performed the task that threatened their masculinity were far more likely to punch the bag; again, violence serving as a way to reestablish their masculine identity. A follow-up had both groups punch the bag after braiding either hair or rope; the men who braided the hair punched the bag much harder. A third experiment, all the participants braided hair, but were split into two groups: those who got to punch the bag afterwards and those who didn’t. The men who were prevented from punching the bag started to show acute signs of anxiety and distress from not being able to reconfirm their masculinity.

Doctor Nerdlove, "When Masculinity Fails Men" (via aldoushuxley)

Lol men are fucking lunatics.

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